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Let's clean up Fotki

First....this site is family oriented. Anything children shouldn't see is set for adult advisory. I would appreciate other foktians to use the same courtesy and to act respectfully. I have been seeing some very distasteful avatars. We do not appreciate them showing in our guest list. Fotki...shouldn't be used to distribute porn. It should not be a place for perverts to gather. Most of our lady visitors are devout christians...and do not appreciate this behavior. I know Betty and I don't...we find it vulgar and disgusting. Please pass this on to your friends. Thank you.
We do not mean to step on any toes or hurt anyones feelings. Enough is enough...we really want this to be a clean site to be at. Please Fotki...make these people start using cleaner avatars and using cleaner usernames.

Watch Out

I am still...somewhat upset...over a message left in our Guestbook. I know I shouldn't let one person get me down so bad...but I love people and making friends.
Here is what was written by her and myself.

Hello everyone,
I had a disturbing private entry in our Guestbook. I think this person was deleting my previous entries....and I didn't realize I was revisiting and thanking her for dropping by. As I have tried, since we can see our guest, to thank all our guest for dropping by, and didn't remember being at her site, since the entry wasn't there. I was only trying to be friendly...as I thought that was part of the reason we could see who was visiting us. So we could make friends. I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone. I have also just made visits to friends, wishing them a good week or a great day. Maybe I have been over zealous...but I am an outgoing and very friendly and talkive person. Again, sorry if I have offended anyone else. Never did I mean it to look like I was "plugging our site".
Thoughtful yours,

This is quote, what was written , "I just wanted to say hello and respectfully request that you stop visiting my FOTKI site almost daily and leaving the same message in my guestbook each time. I keep nothing there for visitors to see so, really there is no reason to keep visiting and leaving a message each time.
Also, it seems as if you are just plugging your site there anyhow."

Anyhow...be very careful...people will turn on you..so make sure they really do want to be friends. Not just say they are here for friends.

We had a very nice woman on Fotki...now she has locked all her albums...did away with her guestbook...because one woman was harassing her. I miss her...she was really nice and fun.

I had another instance...on my AngelDragon site..that was upset because I snagged around 12 or so tags with her name on them. I did not realize she didn't want them snagged. I removed them. But she was really nasty about it all.

So just make sure, that the person who's guestbook your signing...really wants friends.

It is sad...that some people are so hateful, spiteful, selfish and mean.

I send love to you all and wish you nothing but sunshine, roses and friendship. A place to visit that offers friendship, kindness, fun and lot's and lot's of snags!

Have a great day and a long long life.
Love and Hugs,

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New June 2, 2008
New albums in clipart
New Desktop Wallpaper
Just click on what's new!
Don't forget to check out our sister sites! :)
Have a great day....and take care.
Love n Hugs,
BumbleBee & LadyBug


How to add videos to your Fotki site.
Hope this explains it clear enough. If there is anymore questions....please feel free to ask. I don't know how good of a teacher I am! lol!
#1 click My Videos on left side of page.
#2 click Add New Video
#3 copy & paste code from youtube etc into fotki html code box.
#4 Make sure to click save video

Make sure to save video!

Ok, this is a twist on the same topic. This is sharing a video.

Guestbook photos

How to add photos from your fotki account to your journal or guestbook

You can use any photo..from any fotki site...as long as the owner is sharing photos.

Click on Share photo button underneath the photo.
Copy and paste the code under "Code for a Fotki Journal"

Changing color scheme

This is how to change your color scheme.
Click on settings
Go to Change Appearance
Click pick another scheme
Click on the scheme of your choice.
Click Done.

Our Rating System

'Our rating system, displays your current ration on Fotki. It depends on various data : number of albums, completeness of personal profile, amount of comments left and received, how much friends do you have, etc. We prefer not to disclose any additional information about Fotki ratings and rating formulas to prevent abuse of these features.'

Album properties

Hiding and password protecting albums

This also works for those wanting to use photos in guestbooks and journals...that you don't want to share with others.

Upload your photos to a new album in your Fotki.

I have put our special garden photos and tags in a hidden album....and password protected. Then only you can view them and use them.

The way to do this....go to edit properties under the album.
Go down to access password and type in a password.

Then to hide albums in listing...click on the drop down menu and click, from anybody.

Then sharing photos allowed....drop down menu and click, myself only.

Ours is on the photos album page..and nobody knows it's even there. You cannot see it, if you aren't logged in...so don't freak if it's not there! lol!

Also you can use tags and pics from other fotki sites...as long as they are sharing their photos. Just get them the same as if you were on your own fotki.

Anymore how to questions....just ask me.

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