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How to manuveur the Garden Grounds ~UPDATED~ February 14, 2007

Please come in and chat, our Guestbook is our blog, our way of staying in touch with each other. :)
I have rearranged the folders and the albums. Hopefully it has made it easier to find what you're looking for.
I have made a new guide for helping you manuever "The Garden". Come in and see what The Garden Offers and how to find it. :) It is easier to just print it out, than scrolling thru everything. Remember to click on get original uploaded photo to see full size! We hope you have fun and come back and visit us often.
BumbleBee & LadyBug

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Here is the contents of The Garden Updated February 14, 2007

Hope this is helpful to those have trouble finding their way around our Garden. Just click full size and print out for a reference sheet!
BumbleBee & LadyBug

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