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Our Photo Albums page is the gate to all of our many interesting pages?

That the welcome page has the weather....a cool banner.....a tree growing....two neat games and a count down until Ground Hogs Day and a count down until Christmas?

Our About Us page is very informative?

Our Links page has tons of neat websites to visit?

Our videos are funny...serious...short...full-length....lots to choose from?

Our Guestbook is a nice place to visit...with nice people...a place to get to know new people...with photo albums of pics that take you places?

Our Journals have lot's of interesting items and tutorials that will help you on your Fotki page?

Our Forums has Cheers and Jeers, a place so you can vent how you feel about anything you would like to talk about.

Please check these out...and let us know what you think...and what you would like us to add.

Have a great day...take care...and big hugs from Betty and Deb.

A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.

Smile and make everyone wonder what you're up to.....

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